ContainerX Launches World’s First Windows Container-as-a-Service Platform

March 24, 2016

Silicon Valley Container Startup Implements Multi-Tenant Elastic Cluster™ and Container Pool™ Technology for Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure

SANTA CLARA, CA – March 24, 2016ContainerX, an all-inclusive out-of-the-box container platform designed for mid-market and enterprises, is introducing the world’s first container-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for Windows server applications including ASP.NET applications. The platform has been in beta at several enterprises and is scheduled to be generally available at the end of Q2.

ContainerX will discuss the new service at Build 2016, Microsoft’s three-day developer event held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, taking place March 30-April 1.

Since ContainerX’s beta launch late last year, which included support for both bare-metal and AWS clusters, the platform has expanded its support for VMware vCenter admins to enable any VMware admin in the enterprise to be a container admin. The capability is now being expanded to Windows and .NET applications, and the Microsoft Azure platform.

“We’ve been closely watching the progress of the ContainerX team over the last year,” said Timothy Coats, Director of Applied Innovation at Trace3, a California based technology services firm. “While most of the container discussions are based around Linux technologies, nearly all of our clients have large .NET application farms as well.  Windows is critical to enterprises and should not be forgotten in these discussions around micro-segmentation and containers. ContainerX is the first company we have found that has built a solution to include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Nano Server clusters in their Elastic Cluster & Container Pool technology.  We see this as a strategic advantage in the adoption of containers as an enterprise platform.”

“.NET and Windows Server-based applications comprise a key portion of our portfolio,” said Sam Chehab, Director of Application at NVIDIA, one of the ContainerX beta participants. “In addition, today’s hybrid cloud environments need workload mobility and containers provide IT leaders the flexibility they need. ContainerX has an interesting value proposition as it addresses on-prem and cloud environments for both Linux and Windows.”

Enterprise companies have spent the last decade and a half building a large number of .NET applications. Most industries, including healthcare and manufacturing have a high percentage of homegrown enterprise line-of-business applications (ranging from 30-80 percent), which means it is vital to make Windows and .NET application containerization a first class citizen.

“It is no surprise that Microsoft has been actively contributing to this domain and making significant advances with the Windows Server Containers & HyperV Containers in Server 2016 and Nano Server Tech Preview releases,” said Himanshu Raj, head of engineering at ContainerX and former Principal Engineer for Microsoft Azure. “We’ve built a solid enterprise class container platform solution for enterprises and now truly completed the core of this platform with a comprehensive Windows CaaS capability out of the box.”


The ContainerX team will be attending Microsoft’s Build 2016 and will be available to discuss the announcement at the event. To schedule a meeting, please contact

For a preview of ContainerX’s Windows CaaS platform, take a look at the video created by the engineers.

To register for the ContainerX beta or to inquire about pricing, please sign up at:

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