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World's 1st Multi-Tenant Container Platform For Both Linux & Windows

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"We selected ContainerX because it meets our criteria of multi-tenancy, the ability to do bare metal and the ability to do Windows containers, in addition to Linux containers."

Brady Wilson CTO, Opus Interactive

"Our team has evaluated several container management platforms over the last 18 months, and finally chose ContainerX due to its unique multi-tenancy capabilities, bare-metal support and a delightful operations-centric workflow."

Terry Warren President & Co-founder, Advantage24

"I was very impressed with how easy the beta product was to setup & install. Container Pools are an eye-opening new capability that enables admins to segment resources between users. That, combined with the pedigree of the team, and their focus on an enterprise production grade platform, is something that I absolutely would recommend to customers."

Ronald Pagani Jr. Principal, Open Technology Partners

"We have a huge VMware deployment running .NET applications. ContainerX has truly been at the forefront of building a Windows Server Container-as-a-Service platform. The team has been extremely helpful during the beta phase, and we can't wait to rollout our Windows and .NET applications in containers."

Luke Youngblood Sr. Architect, Cloud Technologies, McKesson

"While most of the container discussions are based around Linux technologies, nearly all of our clients have large .NET application farms as well. ContainerX is the first company we have found that has built a solution to include Windows Server 2016 and Windows Nano Server clusters in their Elastic Cluster & Container Pool technology. We see this as a strategic advantage in the adoption of containers as an enterprise platform."

Timothy Coats Director of Applied Innovation, Trace3

"I've been closely interacting with the ContainerX team from their pre-beta days. The product has shaped up beautifully over the last year and their focus on Windows & multi-tenancy, with a single pane of glass experience across multiple clouds, is clearly unique and valuable for the enterprise."

Sam Chehab Director Application Development, NVidia

“ContainerX is one of those few companies that has thought through the evolution of the container market. Their ability to provide multi-tenant support across multiple platforms from Linux to Windows gives them an advantage over most container-as-a-service (CaaS) providers today. The goal for most firms in this space is to provide a single pane of glass across cloud services (hybrid, private, or public), and or other traditional environments from bare metal to virtual machines. ContainerX is well on their way to making these goals a reality. ContainerX is a company to watch.”

Chris Wilder Moor Insights and Strategy

"Containers are fast emerging as the next generation application hosting of choice, but do require setting up a large stack of open source components. In development that challenge might be fun, but production IT operators want turn-key infrastructure solutions in the data center. ContainerX is basically an enterprise quality container operations 'distro' - providing a pre-converged container stack much like what Cloudera and Hortonworks deliver in the Big Data/Hadoop world. ContainerX also adds their own sophisticated multi-tenancy capabilities and Windows containers support to help IT folks get the most mileage out of any container hosting effort."

Mike Matchett Taneja Group

"ContainerX's multi-tenant and elastic container platform, their stellar team, and focus on enterprise IT & Ops, are an excellent match with service providers wanting to offer a container-as-a-service offering. We are looking forward to working with their GA offering!"

Derek Wilcocks Group CIO, Dimension Data

“ContainerX brings the talent of impressive virtualization and cloud experts, as well as investors, for a play in application containers. The growth of containers, and particularly production use, may be a good sign that ContainerX's focus on traditional and vSphere experience and expertise for container deployment will appeal to enterprises...It gives enterprises an independent company to support container use on a variety of infrastructures, including Linux and Windows.”

Lyman 451 Research

“ContainerX’s container management platform solves an important and relevant problem for enterprise IT, with its elastic cluster approach, integrated with existing open source container technologies.”

Clifford Grossner, Ph.D. Infonetics Research (IHS)

“ContainerX provides a unified control environment for all containers allowing support for Linux and Windows, bare metal and virtual machines, private and public cloud environments. This is a first in the software development world."

Chris Preimesberger eWEEK

“ContainerX, given its tech all-star backing and PhD-caliber team, could be one of the players to watch.”

Brandon Butler Network World

"By offering a container platform that can run in the vSphere environments that many organizations already have, ContainerX is introducing a container solution that promises to appeal to enterprises that might otherwise be reluctant to make the jump into the container space."

Christopher Tozzi Container Journal

"By flipping that paradigm of shared hosts and modular resources to modular hosts and shared resources, the platform lifts a few big hurdles to enterprise container adoption. ContainerX allows enterprises to manage, for example, three elastic clusters running on-premises, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and on Microsoft Azure, in both public and private clouds, from one admin dashboard."

Rob Marvin PCMag

“…And while there are other container management platforms out there, none currently offers everything ContainerX does."

Paul Rubens ServerWatch

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