Comprehensive Solution

Our goal is to offer a ready-to-go container platform for enterprise IT, with orchestration, compute, networking and storage, all baked in. Companies like Google or Twitter have IT resources to put together a custom container infrastructure platform in a Do-it-yourself fashion, after analyzing various orchestration, networking or storage technologies. But we understand that not every IT organization has the time or resources to do so. Our goal is to help these organizations with a ready-to-go solution.

enterprise grade management

Highly Resilient

A fundamental infrastructural building block of the future datacenter, such as the container platform, needs to be super tough and resilient. Our engineers have spent a great deal of time building in things to protect rogue containers from crashing or starving other containers, or ensuring that the container network stays up after host reboots or crashes. Our mission is to ensure that the infrastructure is resilient, so that you can focus on building and running applications that matter to your enterprise.

highly resilient

Multi-tenant & Isolated

Our patent pending Container Pools™ enable multi-tenant container clusters, which we believe is key, to enterprise deployments. Each developer group or business unit, gets a unique URL that can be set as an environment variable. Developers can use standard Docker CLI to run containers in the Container Pool™ they are authorized to work on. Each Container Pool™ is isolated from others based on CPU, Memory & Network limits and Access controls set by the IT administrator.

multi tenant

Horizontally Scalable

Enterprise IT teams can create multiple clusters, on bare metal or VM, Linux or Windows, private or public cloud. Each Elastic Cluster™, while multi-tenant, is also horizontally scalable. The admin can dynamically add or remove hosts from the cluster to truly build a scale-out platform.

horizontally scalable

Elastic Container Clusters™

While Container Pools™ make these Elastic Clusters™ multi-tenant, they auto-scale based on the CPU and Memory limits and priorities set by IT. Limits determine how much of the overall cluster compute can be used by a particular container pool. In fact, the cool thing is – you can over-commit your compute resources so that your data center infrastructure stays fully utilized and there is minimal wastage of resources. Also, Container Pool priorities ensure that a high priority pool can use more resources than a low priority pool if there was ever a contention.

elastic container clusters

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