Following on from the previous segment on enterprise software companies that you should keep an eye on, this section will discuss the latest IT software products that are taking the current market by storm thanks to the many unique advantages they provide. From code sharing platforms to E-signature sites and more, these software products are made by the best in the industry for you, the consumer.


SignNow SignNow is a product that specializes in E-signatures. This platform makes signing an e-document much easier as it is all managed automatically by the application. Signatures can now be made, stored and enforced a lot more effectively than before with this piece of software, making this an ideal tool for an enterprise that has to manage hundreds of contracts and signatures. This particular software product starts at only $5 per user, per month which makes this a very affordable option for smaller businesses that may not be earning enough profit to splash out and buy more expensive software that may not be required.


GitHubGitHub focuses their line of products on version control systems. This generally encompasses all things code such as sharing code and storing it in a secure location. GitHub prides itself on being the best place to store and share code with anyone who the administrator wishes whether that be co-workers, friends, teachers, classmates or even complete strangers if they wish it. This code sharing platform takes over the process and makes it autonomous, meaning that no effort is required, simply press a button, sit back and watch as your code is shared with the contacts you have selected. This product is currently used by over two million people who all highly recommend it.

iSpring Suite

iSpring SuiteiSpring Suite have cornered the market with their latest state-of-the-art eLearning authoring tool. iSpring Suite have created a product that trains its users on how to use eLearning tools to their advantage. Several tools are included with the software and come with handy tutorials for each one. Some tools included are mobile-ready presentations, unique PowerPoint video courses and sharing programs that allow the resources to be spread across the globe via the internet, reaching a much larger demographic than was previously capable.

Articulate Storyline

Articulate StorylineAnother course authoring software service like the one iSpring Suite offers, Articulate Storyline is primarily designed for those who want to create eLearning tools that are both creative and interactive as well as informative. Articulate Storyline offers a platform that allows its users to create these resources in a very manageable, simple way, offering easy-to-follow tutorial videos on how to make their eLearning tools more efficient and effective. This software offers unique features such as slide layers, different states and triggers which all allow the user to have even more freedom when it comes to creating new interactive eLearning resources.

Widen Collective

Widen CollectiveWiden Collective create software that tackles digital asset management. This software locates data, repurposes excess/wasted data and can share data with ease. This application can also measure content assets of all kind which allows for easier data relocation and sharing. The user interface included with this software is very easy to read, making the whole process of finding your desired data very simple and clear-cut. This software comes in at around $20,000 per year, depending on the number of clients and employees that the company has.

Paperless Proposal

PaperlessProposalAs the namesake suggests, Paperless Proposal specializes in proposal software. Proposal software is used to create proposals at a consistent and rapid rate. This software makes it very easy to track and manage a company’s reps pipelines and follow exactly what clients are viewing as proposal analytics are included with this software.